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Hey guys. I'm blobertthebob, known on onlinesequencer as Blobert, or Blob. I've been making music on onlinesequencer since Mid-August of 2015, created an account in Septemer 2015, and here I am! I've been dreaming of making music for a reeeeally long time. I play piano, drums (?) and other stuff, I can compose and transcribe, and yeah. I've moved away from OS as a music-making tool and moved on to (somewhat) more professional programs, mostly using an app called Auxy on my iPhone, the easiest to use and most fully functional music making tool I've discovered, especially for a phone. I have a soundcloud with some of my sht published over there. 

Important Links:
Sequencer Profile
My Song Thread that I don't update
My best OS songs:
[url=]The Last Stand (my most recent, longest, and best song on OS. Genre: Rock)[/url]
[url=]Tragedy (a slow rock song)[/url]
[url=]Achievement (my best piano piece)[/url]
[url=]World of Wonder (a good all-around song)[/url]
[url=]WiP? v3 (a work in progress that I really like but could never figure out how to continue)[/url]
[url=#287403]Skyrocket (it's ok)[/url]
[url=]Going Deeper (came up with this in my head during school)[/url]
[url=]Alternate Reality (I REALLY like this one)[/url]
[url=]The Time Has Come (it's okay)[/url]
[url=]Just For You (I forgot this existed, and realized it's actually pretty nice)[/url]
[url=]All Must Fall (one of my original "good songs")[/url]
[url=]Nuclear (my other original "good song" which is technically better than 70% of the sht found on this website)[/url]

Great :D