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Full Version: Hello!
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Hello there!
My name is Ruds_Labs also known as Rud.

I've been on this site since September 2016 but only made this account this month (April 2017).
I am quite new to the forums as this is only my first post.

I am currently in my teen years and live in a small village in the Midlands of England.

My music mostly is either video game style music or remixes of video game music which you can clearly see here.

So, see you around. 

- Rud
I know it's been legitimately a month after this was posted and that I'm aware that this thread existed, but I'm getting really OCD on how I didn't properly welcome you so here goes.


Here's a very warm welcome to the Online Sequencer community. (The community in specific, because I'm pretty sure you know how to use the sequencer itself already.)

Feel free to hop on the chat at anytime, someone is guaranteed to be available from 16:00 - 22:00 EST (With peak times being 20:00 - 22:00 EST) British Summer Time is five hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, so add accordingly. It's pretty late.

Other than that, enjoy yourself here and have fun sequencing. If you got any questions, just frolick the forums a bit until you find it. Or if you can't find it, I'm permanently here. Feel free to ask me when I'm not AFK, or anyone else on the chat if you can never get my attention well enough.

- Lucent