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Full Version: What inspired you to make music?
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I'm curious. What inspired you to make music? 

For me it is a mixture of a love of video game soundtracks (mainly Koji Kondo's work on the Super Mario series), 8-bit music theory's youtube videos and a love for the piano.
I played a bunch of JRPGs and shmups/bullet hell games, but it wasn't until I started playing Cytus that I wanted to make my own music.

Sakuzyo is one of those artists that has to be my all time inspiration. He composes on a wide scale of genres, but the one I've been aspiring to copy most is his piano scores. He also composes music in an artcore style, which is a very rare genre to be seeing since only eastern artists use it.

Here's his piano album.

And here's one of his non-piano albums.

Artcore is a very hard style to produce because there is no actual definition for it. It's a distinct style because you cannot classify artcore in just one genre alone, and is composed of so many fast-paced elements you can't begin where to describe it at first glance. xi is the artist that produces the most hard-on artcore you probably would ever find and you can't really isolate the genre itself any further than that.

This is the mainstream for artcore and this is what most people hear when they think of the genre. It can be thought of as Electronic/DnB/Orchestral/Piano to best describe it. It's hard to say what counts as artcore or not, and it's an innate thing for us listeners to decide.

So this would count as artcore:

While this wouldn't:

Maybe because the second one is complete DnB and doesn't include any piano elements.

The swift piano element is very crucial in artcore, and of all the instruments used, might actually be the most noticeable in an artcore song.

I like how this became a rant on what artcore is, but yeah, this is a portion of the stuff I listen to and helped me grow as a composer.
Me playing piano, games such as Geometry Dash and Nintendo games such as SMB and LoZ, and of course my own boredom.
There's nothing special I remember why I wanted to make my own music. I started playing guitar early,
in my own way because my fingers was too short to make comlicated chords. When my hands started
to fall asleep while playing (probably because of smoking tobacco) I had to stop playing guitar. About
10 years later I found a sequencer, a software to my PC but it was an limited, outdated abandoned
demo. Many years later I found and I could finally make music again :D
I used to sing a lot as a kid, but I sucked so i stopped. about a year after I stopped I started playing piano, and a few months after that I saw and thought it was cool. I don't remember why I started singing, I probably just liked some of the songs I was hearing.
What inspired me to make music?
Well, the BGMs. I ve downloaded a bunch a long time ago (a HUGE mp3 archive because all the BGMs was "glued" one to each other) to liven up my yugioh duels in PC and i liked them. I started to create an affection for the piano, since many of those BGMs used it. So ive started to search online pianos and i dropped here XD. All what ive made here and all ive discovered about music was thanks to those BGMs and the yugioh hehe. Pretty strange, right?
I wish I was as good as everyone here at making music, but I think I'm just not creative enough in that way. I composed one good song 4 years ago and it was like the notes just came to me, but that never happened again.

I really like participating in online communities and platforms for creating stuff, so it's awesome to see what everyone's doing with it. The original purpose was for figuring out short tunes that were stuck in your head, I never imagined people would end up actually composing stuff here! And the recent growth in the community makes me happy too. When I was a kid all of the best friends I had were people from internet forums, so I want to provide the same sort of place for others.
For me, it's that I developed an interest towards music when I was younger...(I'm still under 18 now), then I listened to songs and music by other people and decided that I could write some on my own, so I experimented on writing music and made a music piece whenever I got a tune in my head, then after some years I have created 50+ pieces on different websites and softwares. Ideas either appear out of nowhere or when I try to recreate an atmosphere of a song that I've heard or trying to write a music piece with a theme that I come up with.
I've had an on again off again relationship with making music.

Most recently we are back on again because of a recent lost.
This is to say, I'm using it for creative therapy and a bit of self-care.