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Full Version: Any goals over the summer?
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I think it's that time of the month where I make another pointless off-topic thread.

What do you plan to accomplish over the summer now that school is put to the side (for those of you who still have it) and that you're able to schedule more time to yourself?

For those who don't live in the US, feel free to participate in the discussion even if your school doesn't end May or June.

I have a bunch of personal projects that it might be a long-shot to complete all of them in two months, but hopefully I will be more motivated to do them over the summer.

This includes working on stories that I've developed a good character build for but haven't necessarily laid out the plot in its entirety.

I also plan on finally taking piano lessons at our music center, and I'll see how that turns out. It's a good thing it's an improvisational teacher, which should cater to my style instead of learning sheet music from square one.

Other than that I might as well stay inside the house cooped up by my laptop 16 hours a day again.
Obligatory Jonah Option:
1. Building Status
2. Making music as usual
3. 1 1/2 month-long tour
4. Getting better at guitar and violin
5. GOing back to Judo
6. Studying to make sure I don't become an idiot over break