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Full Version: Hey there... everybody...
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Hi, new to music sequencing. LMMS is too complicated at the moment and I needed something easier to work with, so here we are.
Welcome to Online Sequencer.

I'm too lazy to make my welcome in-depth as usual, you should be able see some giant rants of mine somewhere on the forum anyway.

This doesn't stop me from giving a proper hand-typed post though. First things first, just try to make yourself home with the community on this site. Get on the chat often, we'll be your best friends here. Things will be self-explanatory (or will be explained) from that point.

I personally love the site because of the things it doesn't have. The simplistic nature and user-friendly controls makes it undeniably one of the best music drafting services out there, and you don't have to be sheet music adept to use OS. If you quickly learn how to view sequences here based on composition and not sound quality, you shouldn't have too many complaints other than the occasional glitch.

Have fun sequencing.

- Lucent