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Full Version: Electronic vs. Live
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So there's a lot of people out there who say that 'people who write music with a computer have no talent' and such. I think most of the people on this website would agree that that's false. I'm making this thread to sort out reasons why that's false so that if anyone ever tells YOU that you have no talent, you can be like "Actually, dillweed,"

1. Producing songs takes a LONG TIME. Anyone who's made a song that's longer than a minute would agree that it probably took you at least a month to get to a point where you were capable to do that. (pls don't comment "I did it on my first day" because no one cares) I can tell you it's been a year since I started making music online, and I still have much MUCH more to learn. songs that are high quality and normal length (2:30-5:00 imo) can take around a month depending on circumstance. IDK why so many people think 'you can make music in like ten minutes on the CPU' You can, but it'd *****ing (excuse me) suck.

2. Most people who make music online ALSO PLAY AN INSTRUMENT (or a few). The percentage of people who play piano on this site is shockingly high. A lot of people here play guitar too, and loads of other instruments. There are also certain instruments you can only learn after having experienced this. (Launchpads, anyone?) You may ask yourself, 'if they can play instruments, why do they do it online' and well, that's a valid question. Someone on this site told me "what I make on here I make because I can't play it irl, but I don't want my ideas to go to waste". That's one reason, another might be anonymity. You can get helpful criticism online without it being biased by social relationships. (Mom might say it's good when it's not, Someone online will give you the cold truth." For me, I never learned music theory (just started a class a month ago) so I had no way to save my songs other than memory until I found this site.

3. Not anyone can do this. This one is big. Talent is all about being able to do something someone else can't, and a lot of people can't do what we do. There's a certain level of ability required to create melodies that connect with other people and people can enjoy. You've gotta be able to imagine them, and some people just can't imagine music. That may come as a surprise to some of you who find it so easy to imagine it, and to know what you want it to sound like before you make it. It's the knowing what you want it to be that is the 'talent' of writing music in general. Non-online composers can imagine it too, and it's what makes them different from non-musically-inclined people.

This being said, it's vital that you respect other genres as well. Every genre of music takes work, time, and effort. IK a lot of people on this website who hate trap music, and I don't particularly enjoy it either, but you should still respect the people who make it. Hear the melody and all the things that make it difficult and unique. That goes for all types of music, if you hear all the things you don't understand like this, you'll be able to do MUCH MUCH more with your music, and appeal to many more people.

I'll leave you with a quote, that I won't tell you how, but it does connect to everything I said. "Speak to a man in a language he understands, and it will go to his head. Speak to him in his language, and it will go to his heart." -Nelson Mandella

tl;dr? read the bold.