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Full Version: Give this song a name
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This sounds like a decent one, so I figure maybe you can help me think of a name for this song.
I'm planning on filling lyrics in for this one:

Is anyone somewhat good at writing lyrics here?
but somehow i think it sound like a mixture of a few other songs...

The starts sounds like the first few sentences of 'Everytime We touch',
one line sounds exactly like the korean song 'I believe'
and the chorus sounds like another song that I forgot the name of :-/

This doesn't sound original at all  Sad
I like it but it's very hard to make new songs today. Most of your song is familijar same as for some of my own.
I'm bad in titles so I just put a number. We should not give up making songs no matter what, just try to avoid
sounding like some old song if possible. Many here is obviously making copys of old songs but they put what
they like to listen to and actually it isn't wrong. Most important is to have fun and enjoy the possiblilty to put
anything you want at the moment. One can even learn to use the sequencer easier by making a song you 
love most of all. However, I always try to make new. Never mind, life goes on, put another note!  :D
I agree with Mystic. A lot of artists (talking about all kinds of art here) end up subconciously using ideas they got from other artists. I do too, the first song I wrote was literally just this girl is on fire with different lyrics. TheOdd1sOut, a famous Youtube animator and comic artist admits that some of his comics, by mistake, were the same as others just with different art style. <----- original vid. I think it's all the process of being inspired. One thing I learned was to always originally get your ideas out on the sequencer, then edit them a little to be better. Then no matter what it won't be plagiarizing, and it will still be something you're proud of. Change every idea as much as possible before it starts getting bad. you can practice this too, by remixing songs. The more different the remix is, the better.

A little story I have, from my song Hiroshima, has guitar which is literally the leitmotif from mega man 2's Dr. Wily's Castle with 3 added notes. I didn't originally do this purposefully, and it's unrecognizeable.
<--- there's the comparison midi. First is Dr. Wily's Castle, second is the guitar for Hiroshima.

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it, especially if it's unintentional.
Thank you mysticwe and Jonah for giving such supportive words and advice.
And don't worry, I'm not planning to give up writing music anytime soon. Smile