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Full Version: BilboCosby's Compositions [Baroque & Neo-Classical]
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I just felt like this man deserves a thread with all his compositions.

~ Baroque ~


Double Fugue in A minor :
Mini Fugue in C minor :
Fugue but the melody is 1 note :
*****'s Fugue (Funny):

4-part fifth Canon in Diminution :
3-part Canon mirrored at C6 :
3-part octave Canon in Diminution :


 Études d'exécution transcendante Férnando Chopando 1.01 :
 Fréderic Chiquita :
Typical Slow Mozart Piece :
D Dorian Scale Song :
***** realizes he's hungry :
***** & The Battle of the Big Mac :
Overly Dramatic ***** :
***** in Wonderland :
Études d'exécution transcendante pasta bolognese :
Finnish Winter Wind :
14 VoidZee Variations :
Gee wiz, thanks for the thread buddy!