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Full Version: SadGhoster87's Compositions
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SadGhoster87's Compositions
This is just where I put my stuff to work on tbh

I made a few of these before I signed up, so they may say they are made by nobody.

In order of favorite to least favorite.

Dance of the Elements -
Starts in E minor, then F# Major, then D# Major, then C minor, then B minor, and then back to E minor for the last chord.

In Which Death Returns To Life -
I made this for my dad for Father's Day, and am quite proud of how it turned out.

Originally by @Impasaurus in, this is my recreation/remix

This was going to be a longer composition but it turned out to sound best short.

Just something I made with the new concert harp instrument.

No description, just meme.

I just decided to do the intro to Still D.R.E. in OS lol

In order of most recently edited to least.

Oh So Harpsichord Exists -
What A Catch, Donnie -
To Celebrate A Hero -
The Utter Chaos That Comprises My Life (in B Locrian) -
Conceptual Chording -
Do you Cm What I Mean? -
Lament of a Thousand Unheard Utterances -
Welcome To The Black Parade -
March of the Ladybugs -
Aeolian Is Literally Just A Fancy Word For Minor, Sort Of -

Dance of the Elements Modified -
Someone made this out of an early version of DotE
Dance of the Elements has been finished! Available at this link:, hope you enjoy it!
My version of Impasaurus' Heart Attack is now finished! Check it out here!
I made John Cena's theme song (My Time Is Now) in full:
Here's a short composition I made, originally named Generic Thingum In C# Lydian, which I now call Victory Theme:
A new instrument, a new composition, Midnight Lullaby:
Hey, I still exist! Check out my new composition In Which Death Returns To Life!