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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Corrected a few notes and added violin.
[url=]Test68_V2[/url] again... adjusted the volume.
Test 68 V2 now updated on sc...

It got 3 plays before today, none so far after the update, let's see  Smile  

V3 maybe someday :rolleyes:
[url=]Test69_V1[/url]  :rolleyes:
[url=]Test70_V1[/url][url=] :rolleyes:[/url]
[url=]Test71_V1 - [/url][url=]WIP  :sleepy:[/url]
[url=]Test71_V1 updated. Some noise  :shy:[/url]
I've lost the inspiration, this isn't "innovative"  :D 

[url=]Test73_V1[/url] (partly 8-Bit) - Some repetive static noise on this one...
Created 2017-11-05

Created 2017-11-04
Since the same sequence number will be updated now most of my latest sequences is WIP till I remove the WIP.
Hmmmm another good update. Thank you Jacob.
[url=]Test73_V1[/url][url=] (partly 8-Bit) - WIP  Smile[/url]