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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Made at when this site was offline many hours today.
I wish it was possible to make this sequencer same as, where the implemented beta instruments have effects and volume sliders.
But be careful, have bugs that was fixed here long ago. So you cannot just make a copy because you will have the old bugs back.
Right now, as I know, when you drag a bunch of notes they will disappear, but everything is still there, if you stop dragging you can see them again.
It's not really a serious bug. Worse is if you cannot delete misplaced notes. That is because of the screensize he said.
I need to find the correct information about it and update this post later.
Test391_V1_1408254_WIP - Currently WIP-2 and I've recorded it to SoundCloud
(corrected link above, how could it be space in the url)

SoundCloud - test391_v1_1408254_wip-2

It reminds me about a Swedish song but I'm not sure...
I'm trying now and then to improve the first main posts in this thread but it's not easy because the
WYSIWYG fails on big posts and I must view the source. With my dyslexia it's a nightmare each time Bigeyes

Another problem...
Some links to other posts doesn't work very well, for example Inspired by famous songs
where you will come to the bottom of the page and where you have to scroll up to find the post.

I wish someone will have time to fix it, and I need time to create songs ha ha! Cheese
Test 390 update. Not sure whether it should be an inspired song or just another test... Huh

Oh... and there's three 8-bit instruments... I maybe change it later.
I know 8-bit sine wasn't good for low notes at a part of the song.

I hear false notes, the slap bass? ...or something else isn't right Nervous

I will improve this sequence later. Currently the first try. I think you've heard a similar song, it's so familiar.

Hey there's more later in the song, listen to the end please Wink

When I make a song, some intruments is maybe too loud in the beginning so I can hear if they fit together.
Then I deacrease the volume on some intruments. Fine tuning is the last thing to do.
Almost the hardest part ha ha... Cheese