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Why a bunch of plays each time I add a sequence in Facebook Messenger????

I mean there was for example 10 plays a long time, then directly after I sent the sequence in Messenger there's 17 plays or more!

Often it's messages to my brother, and often he haven't even listened yet. Same every time. This is wrong way to have more plays I'm telling you because this is not real.

If you finally made a cool and serious song it should be interesting for you to know how many that really listened to it.
And if there was thumbs up at least... even thumbs down as it is at Youtube. Everything can be misused but if we had
something like that and if we could get rid of plays that isn't true... Huh

I used Google translate for this post... Wink
Update with a little better ending

8-bit sine sucks sometimes and some notes is false Heh

So I changed to sawtooth.
There's still hope for 8-bit sine, depends on which level ZZzzZ

I think I know... hmmm....  Huh


It's a Swedish song: "I min lilla, lilla värld av blommor"
from Guttersnipes - Swedish: Rännstensungar - a 1944 Swedish drama film.

Oh I remembered only a part of the song...

I've heard a similar song long ago, can't remember...
I'll update Inspired_41_V1_1415585 today.

Maybe I don't have to, maybe I will destroy it! OOoopppps! I've already started Bigeyes
No problem, I'm saving local files every update.

It's tricky sometimes to use Google translate because it's not always correct, for example it changed key guide to key wizard, and more.
Maybe my english is better now when I need to correct a translator ha ha Heh

This is the first song ever that has not received any key guide from the beginning even though only the jazz guitar was there from start.
Percussion usually removes the key guide because I think the online sequencer gets confused. Percussion should not be treated as notes.
The sequencer window gets a better look when there is a key guide, although you may not always care about it.

I'm not sure if this song is mine so it's called Inspired for now. All songs that is very familiar will be called Inspired,
everything else will be Test songs where I'm really trying to make a original - but again I'm not really sure ^^
For all who doesn't know. You can't drag a local file to an old sequence because it will replaced with a new sequence number when you save it.
I drag a local file to an empty sequencer window first and then I copy the notes from there. Oh I don't remember if the settings will follow.
I'll test and update this post later Blush
I was thinking..

If you made a cool but a complicated song with many instruments you might want to decrease the volume on some of them.
Fortunately it's possible with the volume sliders. But if you corrected the chords and other notes later when the song is playing
one or two instruments can sound terrible alone. So if there are just time to spend on this... Maybe you think it's just to off
the volume on all instruments except the one you want to correct. But later you will lose the old volume settings.
(if you don't take a screenshot first or open a local file of the song in another window)... Anyway I thought the best is to lock
all the instruments except the instrument you want to check out and copy it to a new temporar sequence, and when done
you delete the notes in the original file and then copy the corrected notes to the original song, listen carefully before you save it.

How can a swedish man explain good in english Blush

It's hard enough even in my language Wink
Hard for me on the chat, I'm not good in english. It would be fun if I understand better. But I'm too old to learn and remember everything. 
The only I can do is to wish you a nice time here and I hope you like some of the songs I made.