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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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By the way... here is Inspired 41 V2, a little louder and with simple percussion so far

Now I'll continue with Inspired 41 V2  Smile

I also neeed to update V1 a bit...
My comment on Inspired 41 V1 after question about "how to structure a song".

It is difficult to teach someone correctly in English. I start with jazz guitar or piano, chords and
part of the melody. In some cases, simple percussion may be needed temporarily to keep pace.
When it sounds good enough add other instruments, one at a time and listen carefully...

Maybe I can improve the way to teach in the future Upside_down

A lot more to add later

Big update with different parts, so please listen to the end.
Similar chords as in Inspired 41 V1, that is probably a better song.
Newer version of Inspired 41 V1 at SoundCloud

(at 97 % now)... Should I get SoundCloud Pro Unlimited?? Nah... umm... Nervous

SoundCloud - Inspired_41_V1_1415585_WIP-7
A weird version of one of my songs  Cheese

I will look for it later and I will change the title

One of my songs_weird version_1420353_WIP
And now short retro noise, ha ha!

I won't say what I sing to that song Angel

Ok then...

Lyrics in my language...

Jag skulle ut å köra skit
Åh... så tog den sluut

Jag skulle ut å köra skit
Åh så tog den sluut

Jag skulle ut å köra skit
Åh... så tog den sluut

Jag skulle ut å köra skit
Åh så tog den sluut

Åh så tog den sluut!

Åh så tog den sluut!

It is about a farmer where the dung ran out in the middle of the field
(Oh that was really hard to translate at Google translate)

Also I cannot post the Swedish word "S-L-U-T" which means a kind of ending Oops