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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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It was Test 394, now Inspired_44_1424103_WIP

The song reminds me of something... but it was meant to be my own composition... Oops
Unknown, mix of one or two songs...
I've just removed the strange beginning on Inspired_45_1426434_WIP

I don't know what to do with the strange part Upside_down
Happy Easter! (if possible in quarantine)

Ha ha umm...

Wait it may also be another inspired song... I can't make originals anymore... unless i make some changes... ZZzzZ
394... I replaced harpsichord with grand piano
Inspired_44_1424103_WIP is corrected.

I've replaced harpsichord with grand piano and I deleted partly layered notes that should not be there.
I don't know why...
Test394_V1_1425081_WIP is changed to 130 BPM