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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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[url=]Test73_V1 - partly 8-Bit - WIP updated[/url]
[url=]Test73_V1_647305 - 8-Bit mix[/url]

Maybe I'll make a V2 someday Smile
Since SoundCloud has got some trouble the last days, here's the MP3 of Test73_V1_647305 at google drive

I love to make music, every note is spontaneous at the same time I'm trying to make something new. 
Please pm me or post if you recognize a similar song. I won't be upset, I need to know what's out there.

Take care all, be nice to each other and be happy.
[url=]Test74_V1 - WIP :D[/url]
[url=]Test74_V1 - WIP - first time with the harpsichord[/url] Smile

I've just corrected some chords, will be longer with a new part later someday.
[url=]Test75_V1 - WIP[/url]

Another mystic harpsichord mix - WIP :shy:

By the way, [url=]Test74_V1 - WIP[/url] is updated but still WIP
Well... I was about to delete Test 75 but... it cannot be copyright infringement eh?  :D
I'm confused, I've put wrong links on my lists... Have to correct it  :s
[url=]Test76_V1 - WIP[/url]  Huh
[url=]Test76_V1_657266 (still wip before V2)[/url] / SoundCloud

Maybe I've heard similar in the past but this is my version. Since I'm a older guy I've heard a lot of songs already and I cannot remember anymore. 
I like different genres, even some jazz - if it's mixed with something else, hehehe! Well I don't know really :s