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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Test76_V1_657266 (still wip before V2) / SoundCloud

Maybe I've heard similar in the past but this is my version. Since I'm a older guy I've heard a lot of songs already and I cannot remember anymore. 
I like different genres, even some jazz - if it's mixed with something else, hehehe! Well I don't know really :s
Oops sorry, the previous Test77_V1 - Nostalgia - WIP was for seniors, now at 130 BPM  :rolleyes:

Please tell what it sounds like  Huh
Chat spam protection needed, it wasn't me :rolleyes:
Test78_V1 - Nostalgia - WIP 

Testing the new electric guitar Smile
Someone said that test 78 was too fast, so I've changed the speed from 128 to 122 BPM, hope it's better now.
I said it's WIP  Huh
Electric guitar test 1 - WIP - Updated, still WIP  Smile

The new el guitar could be useful in some of my old songs.