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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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[url=]Test82_V1_669838 - WIP[/url]

Seems like my own stuff runned out  Huh

Thought I was making new. What song could it be?
If you thinkthat some of my sequences sounds familijar please send me a private message.

Hopefully you can provide a link to the original.
[url=]Test 83_V1_Nostalgia - WIP[/url]

Lack of notes in my head - that's Nostalgia eh? :D
[url=]Test 84_V1_668006_Nostalgia[/url]

With some 8-Bit Sine
[url=]Test 85_V1_672934 - WIP[/url]
[url=]Test 84_V1_668006_Nostalgia[/url] - now at SoundCloud Smile 
Nothing new today :rolleyes:

[url=]Song31_V1_677049 - WIP[/url]

I've added 8-Bit sine at the end of the song but I'm not sure about it right now  :rolleyes:

Now updated with grand, scifi and some more 8-Bit sine. It's recorded, but... maybe I should adjust the sequence some more.

I've uploaded it to soundcloud anyway.

If you cannot play 8-Bit and more here...
[url=]Mystic XMAS[/url] Smile (WIP)