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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Changed the xylophone, previous lower notes together with delay and reverb sounded not so good. 
I've removed the WIP mode yesterday but actually any of my songs can be improved.
Test93_V1_701396_WIP is updated but there's more to do later on.
Test93_V1_701396_WIP - another update...
Working on a song I've made ages ago.

Partly 8-bit

Song33_V1_702528_WIP updated (still partly 8-bit) / SoundCloud

Changed a single note at the end. The song should be longer but the short version is enough eh? :D
A little chaos ......just for fun  :D
I've encreased the volume a bit on the percussion on test 5 created 2017-01-16 and the date was changed to: created 2018-01-10  Huh  :rolleyes: