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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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[url=]Test93_V1_701396_WIP[/url] is updated but there's more to do later on.
[url=]Test93_V1_701396_WIP[/url] - another update...
Working on a song I've made ages ago.

Partly 8-bit

[url=]Song33_V1_702528_WIP[/url] updated (still partly 8-bit) / SoundCloud

Changed a single note at the end. The song should be longer but the short version is enough eh? :D
[url=]A little chaos[/url] ......just for fun  :D
[url=]A little more noise for fun[/url]
I've encreased the volume a bit on the percussion on [url=]test 5[/url] created 2017-01-16 and the date was changed to: created 2018-01-10  Huh  :rolleyes:
[url=]Untitled WIP[/url]  :D

Found my old guitar I haven't played on for ages and remembered an old song I've made as teenager. 
Prototype mode, will have a big update later on Smile