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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Another song remembered thanks to my old guitar - Not complete, the intro reminds me about something old
and it's getting better than the song itself --> that is not added at this time Huh 

[url=]Song35_V1_705983_WIP[/url] is updated, starting to be complete. 
The melody after the "intro" was another song actually... It's two similar sequences and I always
start playing this one by mistake. Maybe 36 will be what I wanted to make from start, hehehe  :D

Not exactly the song I've made from start, there's more to remember. Let's see Wink
[url=]Song35_V1_705983[/url] now on SoundCloud (WIP-2) Smile
[url=]Song36_V1_708119[/url] is updated and I've corrected some bad notes, (still WIP).
[url=]Song36_V1_708119[/url] is updated again, I've corrected some more bad notes and I've added more chords - (still WIP though).
I wonder if bass is necessary to add.
Forgot to update my "latest" list: 

[url=]Song35_V1_705983_WIP /[/url] SoundCloud
Created 2018-01-13

Created 2018-01-16
[url=]Song34_V1_705418_WIP[/url] updated a lot, still WIP though  Wink
[url=]Song36_V1_708119_WIP[/url] - added lower grand piano chords at 83-88 and 93-98. Now it's maybe ready for recording.
[url=]Song36_V1_708119[/url] / SoundCloud Smile