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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Got some issues with this one. Cannot add more till I know what's wrong.
Maybe much of my original songs is running out  Huh


But this one is fragments of an old song I've made... I think... :-/

Test 99 is changed to Song 38

There's still a lot to do because I remembered only fragments when I worked with test 99. 
The part with piano right now is more like my old song.

Hope it's not too much familjar because I think I made it as teenager ages ago Smile
[url=]Song38_V1_722952_WIP[/url] is corrected but there's still a lot to do Smile

WIP removed, I think it's ready for recording. However there's probably more to do later  Smile
There's a transition issue but who cares, and it's just version 1, hehe...

Of course I want it to be correct, I won't upload it to SoundCloud before the transition issue is solved.
[url=]Song38_V1_722952[/url] got some smooth synth and sci-fi at different parts.
Maybe I should not add much more reverb or delay and spammed notes or it's going to melt together. 
So there's still some invidual settings I'm missing together with bass and treble, especially treble. 
But this is a SEQUENCER. Wish I could find and understand a good DAW someday.

I've changed speed to 125 and I've added grand piano at the end as well, forgot about the last notes.
[url=]Song38_V1_722952_WIP[/url] / SoundCloud

Added percussion but I'm not sure about it yet, so the WIP is back :rolleyes:
Wait... did I say sequencer? Add just some more features and it's a Online DAW all-in-one, easy to use Wink

Was it my song? Dunno, I made it on my guitar about many, many years ago so... :rolleyes:

I've added 8-bit notes in the middle of the song (16) - that I'm really not very sure about.