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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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[url=]Song38_V1_722952_WIP[/url] / SoundCloud

I'm still not sure about the percussion, it's now at SoundCloud anyway  :shy:
[url=]Test99_V1_725049_WIP[/url] is updated.

There's 8-bit sine and triangle before the ending, and the song isn't complete yet. 
I've added a few more guitar notes and another faster grid 1/8 version after the ending. 

Some have recognized the song already. Could anyone tell about the original? 
I thought I've made it myself years ago but who knows...
[url=]Test99_V1_725049_WIP[/url] is updated  :rolleyes:

There was two misplaced notes on the second part (1/8). 

And I've increased the volume of the two pianos a bit. 

The second 1/8 part is about testing a different speed in the same sequence. 
It's a little tricky especially since I'm used to 1/4 only.

I thought it was my song but some has recognized it already. 
So I cannot put it on my list of songs, maybe it will be just a test song :-/
Please find the original and post (or pm me) about it.

It was my idea from start to make a list of songs I'm sure it's mine, 
everything else will be test versions waiting for approval.
Text updated on my list of songs

Made before I found the sequencer: 
1 to 9 plus 16, 20, 21, 25, 26, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38. 
All songs on this list is supposed to be my own compositions, others will be 
to the test lists for approval (or maybe they are familiar from start).

Edited 2020-09-10 - Not there now, everything's changed
I've increased the bass with e-piano notes, maybe too much bass now?
Heya! I like the sound of the base but maybe try Grand instead of E-piano. The Grand has a softer feel to it and works well with the base in tone. Other than that Great job!
Thanks! Yes I agree with you, it's a little too much e-piano now on the bass. 
The reason why I don't choose the grand piano bass notes is because it sounds too much to the
left in stereo. So it's a workaround as long as we cannot adjust such things. I'll still think about it but
it will affect my recordings where most of the songs with the grand piano is louder on the left side. 
Ok it's just a sequencer but with just a few more features it will be a lot more than that Wink
[url=]Test100_V1_728509_WIP[/url] went wrong, I'll try to fix it someday

[url=]Test101_V1_729222_WIP[/url] is familijar, it wasnt planned I promise  Angel
Whoa, I can make a reply that is irrelevant to this thread! What a neat trick!
Again about [url=]Test101_V1_729222_WIP_Trying to make a game ^^[/url]

I hope you like it but I'm not sure about if it's completely mine actually.
So please post info about the original song if there is any.