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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Again about Test101_V1_729222_WIP_Trying to make a game ^^

I hope you like it but I'm not sure about if it's completely mine actually.
So please post info about the original song if there is any.
 Test101_V1_729222_WIP is updated. Maybe someone will recognize it now? I don't know if it's mine or anything Huh
 Test101_V1_729222_WIP is updated again.

Now it's stronger with grand piano above the e-piano, also I've increased the volume a
bit on 
8-bit, bass and a lot on the percussion. The song is extended and there's another
part with grand piano and e-piano only. Also that is familijar, I've put a small M and ? 
after the ending, yah ending because I wanted to record it. But it's still WIP.
Test101_V1_729222_WIP is updated again (3)

I've filled some gaps, added some more notes and percussion. Still WIP.
Test101_V1_729222_WIP is updated again (4)

I'm working on percussion and settings, might take some days more Wink
Test101_V1_729222_WIP is updated again (5)

I think I'm in love with this song, hehehe! Cheese

I've added e-piano on the bass where the grand piano was already cuz the grand piano bass notes 
kind of disappeared and I cannot increase the volume because the whole song would be too loud.

I'm still not done, I want to improve the percussion some more, let's see.
Test102_V1_732266_WIP (2)

Took a break from 101... this is familijar right? Cheese
Test101_V1_729222_WIP (6)

Added louder percussion and a bit softer start Angel
Test102_V1_732266_WIP (3)

Extended, still wip.
I've recorded Test101_V1_729222_WIP (6) and Test102_V1_732266_WIP (4)

I'm not sure if I should upload the songs to SoundCloud, maybe 101.