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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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 [url=]Test101_V1_729222_WIP[/url] is updated. Maybe someone will recognize it now? I don't know if it's mine or anything Huh
 [url=]Test101_V1_729222_WIP[/url] is updated again.

Now it's stronger with grand piano above the e-piano, also I've increased the volume a
bit on 
8-bit, bass and a lot on the percussion. The song is extended and there's another
part with grand piano and e-piano only. Also that is familijar, I've put a small M and ? 
after the ending, yah ending because I wanted to record it. But it's still WIP.
[url=]Test101_V1_729222_WIP[/url] is updated again (3)

I've filled some gaps, added some more notes and percussion. Still WIP.
[url=]Test101_V1_729222_WIP[/url] is updated again (4)

I'm working on percussion and settings, might take some days more Wink
[url=]Test101_V1_729222_WIP[/url] is updated again (5)

I think I'm in love with this song, hehehe! Cheese

I've added e-piano on the bass where the grand piano was already cuz the grand piano bass notes 
kind of disappeared and I cannot increase the volume because the whole song would be too loud.

I'm still not done, I want to improve the percussion some more, let's see.
[url=]Test102_V1_732266_WIP[/url] (2)

Took a break from 101... this is familijar right? Cheese
[url=]Test101_V1_729222_WIP[/url] (6)

Added louder percussion and a bit softer start Angel
[url=]Test102_V1_732266_WIP[/url] (3)

Extended, still wip.
I've recorded [url=]Test101_V1_729222_WIP[/url] (6) and [url=]Test102_V1_732266_WIP[/url] (4)

I'm not sure if I should upload the songs to SoundCloud, maybe 101.  Cool

No much is happening there though...

Anyway... I've just uploaded 101 and 102 to SoundCloud
Recorded with Audacity version 2.1.2, with recording volume 0.50 and playback volume 0,40.



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