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Test109_V1_749837_WIP is updated again

It's almost done I guess. Alllllllmost  Upside_down
Test 108 got more than 110 plays right now on a very short time, it amazing, I mean
it's not common here to me.... Don't forget about my old song, made on my guitar very
long ago... it starts with my simle guitar notes, then everything else is done here...
Thank you Jacob what ever you are Cheese

Test 109 would be Song 34 (one of my own songs) but I'm not 100 % sure... Oops

Smooth synth only so far Smile Test110_V1_753772_WIP-1
A bird song.........

Not my own song maybe but it was fun Cheese

Added smooth synth
OH! Oops

I'm in a hurry and I've discovered that plenty of my songs has got wrong volume settings, probably
after the update long ago.  Especially the scifi notes. And some other intruments is too low. And the
replaced el-guitar maybe doesn't sound as it should in some of the songs. So now will I have to
listen and make adjustments to allllllllllll of my sequences.... ZZzzZ

Of course, if there's just time it's now possible for everything to sound better Wink

At the same time I will correct mistakes, on Song 2 for example there was random double notes.
I've seen it on other songs too, I don't know why it's like that.
This post will be updated with fixed songs later on

According to a previous post I've corrected a few songs.
No further update will be made until I've fixed them all. 

Won't be done tonight for sure  Heh

So far it's... Song 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 9 , 11 , 12 , 14 , 15 
I'm fixing the volume on my songs from the very first one because I've discovered it's changed and I didn't know...
It's about the scifi notes that's too loud but also some other notes was too low. No much problem until I reached 
song 12 where the scifi and also the guitar together was very loud compared to other intruments. I'm almost pissed 
since many have listened to it already. And I don't really like the sound of the new el-guitar because there's a sound
of a plectrum at every single note. Also the acoustic guitar have a plectrum sound on some notes especially the C5
note and some other notes and that is very annoying sometimes.

Anyway.... Song 12 isn't really updated but it's now V3. Aside from current volume adjustments
I've added a softer start and a abrupt ending.

The volume is corrected and there's a small update. Since the song wasn't changed or extended it's still Version 1.

The guitar chords is still a bit wrong but I want to fix the volume on the other songs asap.