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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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I've tried to fix it Upside_down  

There's still something wrong but I've added smooth synth and some more violin.

Ok I've said someting like no updates will be made so far but this one really needed it  Cheese

Now I'll continue with the other songs, I really hope there's nothing like this again.
[url=]Song 15[/url] is removed from Soundcloud, I will upload the update when I'm done. 
Since many other songs has to be corrected I might have to leave it as it is for now.
I cannot fix all my songs non stop. 

So I've started on this one, familijar? [url=]Test112_V1_762879_WIP[/url] 

I can always change it later... Cheese

Actually it reminds me about a song I've made here alreday Oops

And I've forgot about this one: [url=]Test111_V1_761717_WIP[/url]
[url=]Test112_V1_762879_WIP[/url] is updated. There was a few misplaced notes. There's still more to do Relief
[url=]New instruments test 1, 2018-03-18[/url] (WIP)
[url=]New instruments test 1, 2018-03-18[/url] (WIP) updated but I'm still working on it. 

This sequence is only intended to test the new instruments, I just put anything that sounds ok for the moment.


[url=]Electric drum kit_766505_WIP-1[/url]

Another song with the new instruments. 
It's starting slow and calm, then more and more. At the ending I've added the distortion guitar
but I'm not sure about it. I'm thinking about to make two different versions of the same song.