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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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[url=]Test118_V1_769772_WIP[/url] updated, still WIP

Any hope? Upside_down

Wait I should proceed with to fix my old songs... But there's new instruments... 
Hey, now I can make the old songs even better! Hurray! Cheese

Means that I have to start over ZZzzZ
Ok another one with the new instruments


Made mostly for fun, I've heard similar Angel
I was updating my songs when the new instruments arrived and I have to start over. 

I got to think about the story serie about 11 songs. I suppose the story won't ever 
be created but the songs I've made will be improved by the time.


Created 2017-08-08. I've started updating it 2018-03-26, so it's currently a WIP.
[url=]Test123_V1_773095_WIP[/url] is updated with e-piano and I've increased the volume of the ragtime piano.

I don't know more to do right now. I should update my old songs 
but sometimes I'm not in the mood for that.
I wonder why most of the notes cannot be heard on [url=]bobbertus inspired[/url] version of [url=]Test123_V1_773095[/url] Oops
Made a untilted song not worth to mention. I was trying to recreate a song that I've lost thanks to
a serious issue with my old computer but I cannot remember the song anymore. It's because when
I right click to delete a note sometimes a new window pops up and this time in the next second I 
accidentally left clicked on something and everything was gone... Disappointed
Sometimes I wish there was auto save.
Anyway... Happy Easter!
I will watch tv the rest of the tonight cus I've currently lost my musical inspiration Wink