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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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I haven't been able to update any of my sequences since yesterday thanks to a bug.
Jacob will find and fix it sooner or later. 
I've got time to do something else Cheese

It's still possible to make smaller songs where we don't have to paste and drag many notes.

Some nostalgia Blush

It's hard to make longer songs now, have to wait till the bug is gone.
The bug is fixed. The notes may become invisible when you drag them
far but they will come up again where you release the mouse button.

So now finally I could update [url=]Test127_V1_777874_WIP[/url] 

Ok there's still more to do Cheese  

I've added percussion and Koto. I've tried to fix the violin but I'm still not pleased with it.
Updated again. I've added just a bit more percussion and I've changed and removed some violin notes. 
I don't think I should add much more. Maybe I will extend it someday.

Was about to update 128 when it stopped playing and everything hung on a 8-bit sine note.  
I removed the note but the song stopped anyway at the same place and the sine note was
still playing in the background. Another bug? I closed the sequence and opened it again 
but still the same error. Later it worked fortunately (stopped only once more though). 

Let's see what will be with this one, it's another WIP


128 updated, not sure about it yet and it seems like my 8-bit isn't the best but I need long notes for this so...


Maybe many are avoiding 8-bit? It's a lot in this one but only 8-bit sine together with jazz gutar,
violin, vibraphone and music box... so far... maybe I'll add a little percussion later on.
About the missing thumbnail at too many connections, it was never shown on discord until
I submitted the link again later, thought it was same here in the chat but it wasn't Smile

Added e-drums