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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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[url=]Story 1_V2 - Xtra[/url]
I've finally got a batterie to the pen to my drawing board. Since it's special batteries I had to
pay 50 SEK for TWO only.... and I still don't even know if the board is functional.... and if I am...... :D
[url=]Story 7_V1 - Grand + scifi[/url]
Story 7 V1 is replaced with [url=]Story 7_V1 - Grand + scifi[/url] - I forgot 4 notes
[url=]Story 7_V2 - Xtra[/url]

Xtra = more stuff  :D
[url=]Test 48_V1[/url]
Didn't know if I should call it test or "not my song".  Huh 

Actually I wanted to make some scary music to the story, I failed.
[url=]Test 49_V1[/url]

Very familiar but I wanted something like that. I'll maybe do some changes someday.
I've misread the percussion challenge, but here's my version. New, correced a note
I could save it for another challenge someday

Bit noisy  :rolleyes:

Strange, cannot hear the drum effect (going down and up) on my small pc speakers, have to use headphones.
I was inspired of adsf's song 549655 (deleted?) and I made [url=]549904[/url]

However my sequence is not perfect and the last part have some transmission issues. 

I want to make a Test or Story song of the last part someday but something happened 
at my place that I have to take care of asap. So it's going to take some time before I can
find the inspiration again. 

Take care all (who still loves me earnestly) ^^