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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Test 135 V2 WIP, the new stuff is currently from measure 41 to 56

Made late last night, as I said the new stuff is currently from measure 41 to 56. 
For all who already listened to [url=]Test135_V1_790147[/url] maybe they don't want to
listen again and V2 seems too long . Maybe I should delete some parts... No?
[url=]Test135_V2_792369_WIP[/url] updated

I've increased the volume on the electronic drumset a bit and I'm
going to see if I can add something more before I remove the WIP.
[url=]Test135_V2_792369[/url] not WIP anymore Smile

Just a short one so far, and weird. But it doesn't have to sound the same all the time Upside_down

A small familijar song, what to do...

Updated with some grand piano for bass and more e-piano with higher notes
for the bass. Also I've added violin and a end, with my typical M Wink

The song is still WIP, I'll maybe extend it later on. 
Or maybe not, my brother thought it could be intro to some movie.

138 extended and I'm not done yet. Koto, slap bass and muted el guitar is added from measure 25 to 30.
Also there's a little pizzicato, somewhere.