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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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And again I forgot... stereo  Heh
I'm not selfish, I'm listening to others songs when there's time. And the rest of the time I'm trying to find out what did i do myself  Oops
[url=]Test138_V2_796751_WIP-7[/url] - Now also at SoundCloud

However, the sound quality of the mp3 isn't 100 % so I recommend you to listen to the song here on OS.
102 updated to WIP-6 so far

[url=]Test102_V1_732266_WIP-9[/url] (the thumbnail didn't work this time)

Added violin, percussion, some more music box and tried to adjust
the volume, that's tricky with many instruments at least for me.


I'll maybe add more, let's see.
I was thinking about to update[url=] Song 9 - V2[/url] (partly 8-Bit) with some new instruments
but I'm not sure... It's an old song for my kids, the title should be "Gulligo" in swedish
and since it isn't a very common expression it's hard to translate...

I think I've destroyed my calm song with to add synth pluck and electric guitar. 
But I like the e-guitar better now. I'll copy the notes to another version later
since I want to keep the calm one on this sequence.

Updated the electric guitar a bit. 
Need to do something else for a while, I'll move this to another version later asap.
Now 2 versions

[url=]Song34_V1_Soft version[/url]


I like the elguitar better now but I may need some practice Smile