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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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[url=]Test79_V2_Nostalgia[/url] (WIP-6)

I've just increased the volume of the guitar, hope it sounds better now Smile
I've tried to put 8-bit triangle on 146 but it a note never stop playing even after
saving and reloading the sequence. So no more 8-bit this time, only sine.
Updated and I've increased the volume a bit

Updated again


A little different sequence with 8-bit sine, I'll maybe add more stuff later someday.
I need to correct some misplaced notes, also that will be later because it's summer 
here in Sweden and I should go outside, at least when it's nice weather.
Again I've forgot about my old WIP songs (work in progress) 

Because it's so fun to make more Upside_down

And I cannot find an old one, where is it... would be interesting to hear the difference

I think I've slipped into a part of an old song that nobody seems to know, it starts at measure 13.