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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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I think I've slipped into a part of an old song that nobody seems to know, it starts at measure 13.

[Image: Banner_01.png]

[Image: Inkscape_drawing_02c.png]

Nope, still doesn't work  Sad

But I saw a picture in the forum today..... how....?

Muted e-guitar, jazz guitar and more
Test148_V1_819372_WIP - FAILURE 

I mean more than usual, maybe it's the heat Nervous
Test147_V1_819236_WIP is extended, it's just the same stuff over again and
a question mark like M ? because I'm not sure if it's original or something old.

I'll add more percussion later

Added more percussion and adjusted the volume a bit
I'm trying to improve Test149_V1_822330_WIP since it drowned by delay on trombone
and french horn, I wish it was possible to adjust reverb and delay but I'll find other ways.
My gf just listened to about 10 of my latest songs, even the untitled stuff and
she liked the most, but NOT Test146_V1_813940 Upside_down

Added smooth synth on the second part and adjusted the volume