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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Common stuff maybe but I want to learn this Smile
Adjusted the volume, hope it's better now


I think I'm going to destroy 150 when I'm trying to add other stuff. Anyway I guess it isn't original 
and I need to learn more about different music. And I got to think about the world update contest,
it's June soon! OH! I haven't done much, also I'm not sure if there's a suitable song already Nervous
Added percussion to "different stuff" - from measure 39

While looking for a song to update for the contest I've discovered there was a replaced el guitar
on this one and it sounded terrible! I hope there's no more songs now with unexpected stuff. 
I don't know if the song is suitable for a contest but I must fix it asap. So far I've changed the
el guitar to the grand piano (maybe it will be a different instrument later) and the acoustic 
guitar is changed to jazz. There's more to do but I've got other things to think about  Wink
I'll continue working on Song12_V4_170625_WIP

Too bad there was no time to add better entries to the world update contest. I suppose 
that only test 101 have a small chance. But there will be more contests right? 

After song 12 V4 I plan to update song 2, another challenge Wink
Song12_V4_170625_WIP is messy according to my brother after I added the new percussion...
Yes something is wrong, maybe even the chords. I will remove all percussion and try again.
I've updated Song12_V4_170625_WIP 

It seems better now with jazz guitar, slapp bass and harpsichord, 
plus some vibraphone and music box at the start.

And I've removed many double notes on scifi since 
the jazz guitar is on the same melody now.

Percussion? Well no... idk Cheese
Song02_V3 + 8-Bit_WIP

Early WIP... I'm not sure about what to do. I'll do other things in between till I find a way. 
I don't like the problem with 8-bit, there's currently three 8-bit instruments and some cannot
even play two at the same time. So I'm planning to make another version without 8-bit.