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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Created 2018-06-20 & Updated 2018-06-29

I'm not sure if its original but it's supposed to be my own composition.

asdf made an inspired version when there was a jazz guitar only:

I stole a small part if his notes, added to the end of the song Angel
Just for fun. I'm young in mind and need to vary, only the body is old ZZzzZ

Locomotive, short trip
New look at SoundCloud

However, not very much is happening there  Heh

This is not Test158 or so, I suppose there's a sequence with this song already. 
However, this is made with never instruments and probably better than the old one. 
It's a song I've been trying to play on my guitar since I was teenager.
Sad then happy

Maybe it wasn't sad at all Upside_down
Electric something

I've learned that it's possible to have short and longer notes on the electric guitar Cool

Not really my song (I think) but it could be used for experiments Cheese

Edit: The missing link is fixed

Updated and WIP removed, I might need to make adjustments later on though.
I've updated missing links on the lists at the first page.
I don't know if many is following the progress but here's the latest sequences: 

Updated and WIP removed 2018-07-07

Electric something
Created 2018-07-06

Sad then happy

Created 2018-07-04

Congrats to the winners!
Created 2018-07-03
(For the World Update Contest results

Created 2018-07-01