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Trying the electric guitar again Blush

Updated and I've added an end. The sequence could be better but I'll leave it for now.

By the way, it's one of my old songs that I believe is my own composition, so I'm going
to change the title and add it to my list of songs later.

It's the same about [url=]Test158_V1_867358_WIP[/url] but first I need to figure out how it
sounded from start, it's very much unfinished at this time.

Too bad the 4th string on the guitar is broken, so hard to play without it. 
I've bought new strings the other day though, I'll fix it sooner or later.
[url=]New version_868780_WIP[/url]

I've made a similar song here long ago but I cannot find it right now and I don't remember exactly
how it sounds. Will be interesting to hear the difference later when the new version is complete.
[url=]New version_868780_WIP[/url]

Big update today Smile
[url=]New version_868780[/url]

Not WIP anymore (with reservation for changes).
The very end sounded wrong, it's ok now. It was a few wrong notes of the vibraphone
that I didn't see up there and I wondered where did that sound come from...

Anyway, now it's time to find the old version so this one will have the correct title ZZzzZ

Edit 2018-07-17
Have to fix the percussion, I discovered it on the recording. 
So I have to record it once again later on.
[url=]New version_868780[/url] was finished later I heard on a recording that the percussion is faulty. 
It's much because I've put delay but I don't really want to remove it now. So I'm currently trying
to fix the drums to have a proper recording. 

Unstable connection is causing unexpected double-fold delay effects both random and regular
and it often also depends on misplaced notes as in this case. I wish to have all instruments on
my computer so I won't have to rely on the connection. I guess that some limitations, policies
and agreements makes it impossible. Maybe I could download all the notes myself one by one
but then what to do without a good working offline app. Nervous
[url=]Song13_V1_871746_WIP[/url] is updated, but there's more to do, later.

Hope it isn't too much like something. I've been playing the chords on my guitar many years.

A short and very different song.
I've removed the replaced el-guitar and updated the sequence a bit.