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(07-21-2018, 05:20 AM)obertone3 Wrote: [ -> ]Wow you put a lot of effort into your projects. I would be overwhelmed if I handled anything so tedious and with such quantity. You have my props.

Thank you. Making music helps me to forget my tinnitus and other stuff for a while, it really cheers me up. 
But fixing the thread and update the lists is really boring and sometimes I regret that I even started it.
Today I've finally updated the lists "The latest of everything" and "T E S T S - PART 2"
Updated today so far

I've updated [url=]159[/url] and [url=]160[/url] again but I'm afraid the "first aid" wasn't successful, eh?

Anyway, here's [url=]Test161_878460_WIP[/url] - yes another WIP  Upside_down
[url=]Test161_878460_WIP[/url] is updated & corrected - I hope  Relief

I've added drums and more on the second half, hear the difference.
[url=]Test161_878460_WIP[/url] is updated again

I've added some vibraphone and a ending.

An old song I've made on my guitar when I was teenager. I don't remember if
I've added this song here before and the old number 18 had to be replaced. 

I will add more instruments by the time. I must choose intruments carefully
because this song is my very first "love song". It's about a blond wonderful
girl at school. I was totally lost in her for years but she wasn't interested.
Hu hu... Crying
Do anyone keep track of things like me?


2018-07-26 kl 23:40
C Major - 140 BPM

10 plays 2018-07-27 kl 14:18
18 plays 2018-07-27 kl 16:32
22 plays 2018-07-27 kl 18.36

What's wrong with me? I've got checking needs for so long time now and it's getting too much sometimes.
Hey could you put more instruments on it? Just for fun

Would be nice to hear how you wanted it

Then it's my turn  Upside_down