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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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There was some error on song 18 last night that I didnt see. It's better now
No song 18 isn't better now... Since there's no long notes I've spammed koto and synth pluck notes. 
Right now one can hear the clear slap bass notes at start but as soon as there's other instruments 
everything (except for the e-drums) gets very unclear. 

How to fix???  Disappointed

There could be more treble on the smooth synth, I don't really want to remove it.

I'm using some model of Logitech G headphones that is really good. But I have tinnitus and
a VERY sensitive hearing. It's probably why I notice such things better than others. My elder 
son just said it sounds good. Oh! Oops
Also because some like me have problem with 8-bit I don't want to use it too often.
Even though it can be used for many cool effects.

Does it sound too familiar? Worth to add more? Huh

I've updated it anyway. I've removed the hand clap and added something else. 
My brother said it sounds like many different songs but it's still like a new song.
So maybe I can move it on my personal song list soon? There's more test 
sequences I'd like to put there.

Many inspirations in the same song Cheese
I'm checking old sequenses, some sounds even worse after the updates.
I'll try to fix this one today, where have I heard similar before?

I've currently changed the key from D#Major to E Major and I've
decreased the volume of scifi and violin + added delay on scifi.
Added the delicate hidden beat to 48 - but is it suitable in this song??
(was a failure but it's getting better)
Created 2018-05-02, updated 2018-08-10

By the way, I guess the first version is the best of the two.

[url=]Song34_V1_Soft version[/url] (from WIP-7) / SoundCloud (WIP-2)
Created 2018-01-12, Updated 2018-05-23

This is an old song I've made long ago on my guitar. I'm trying to express the feeling
but wait it's not done, not just yet. Something is missing. I want to make more......

But if you save the link you will hear the latest update later..... Later!... Upside_down