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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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I've added violin and a little cello and pizzicato at the last part. 
I think the song is almost finished now.

Finished, at least for the first version. I might need to adjust the volume a bit though, isn't it a little high?
There should be a song number also but first I must rearrange the lists, some tests that was made before
will be moved to my personal songs and it might take some time to find them.
Created 2018-05-05 - Updated 2018-08-13

There's currently some louder parts, I'll try to correct it later.
Created 2018-04-19 - Updated 2018-08-13

There's more to do on that one, if I can. Made without the right feeling Heh
Created 2017-07-21 - Updated 2018-08-13

Not done yet, but I'll leave it for now Upside_down

I had to make about 500 sequences to make a few hits. 
This is probably not a hit, just more practice Wink

Added drums and lost the key guide, it was C Major Oops

There's currently some issue with the ride cymbal 2... (changed later)
but the most sounds ok now, better than before anyway.
Here I'm testing different stuff. Slow and faster notes, inspired of some old song


Currently only 6 blocks, it took me 1 hour.

And it was another hour of no sleep. 
Now I have to carry myself away to the bed.... soon ZZzzZ

Well I was to the kitchen in between to have cold tasty water and a new snuff. 
I've been smoking a lot earlier in my life before my doctor told me so stop because I'm
about to have have COPD Nervous Snuff isn't good either because you will have even more
nicotine than a smoker. But it was hard for me to stop smoking and I'm trying to save
whats left of my lungs. If you are smoking tobacco consider to stop -forever- before 
it's too late. My wife died in cancer probably because she was smoking before.
[url=]Test167_V1_900743_WIP[/url] is now updated but currently it's only foreplay, prelude or how to say.