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[url=]OOTD_E-guitar + more test[/url]

The 1st of 2 copies of the new verssion of [url=]One of these days[/url] 
Added more e-guitar + the muted. I'm not very pleased with the notes I've
put this time. The e-guitar at the end of the sequence is better maybe. 
I hope I will be able to improve it someday.

[url=]OOTD_8-Bit_+ E-guitar_test [/url]

The 2nd copy with both 8-Bit and e-guitar, the e-guitar is only at the second
part of this sequence but I've added more 8-Bit now, even in the first part.

If I succeed with something in these two it will be copied to the original later,
except for the 8-bit.... What's strange is that it was many plays on the first copy,
more than 70 and under 10 on the 8-bit before. But I think the 8-bit sounds better. 
So there is maybe problem for many more of you than I know and I wonder if it's
going to be better when I finally got the new computer.
My latest sequences is loading very long again, I guess it's some notes of the grand piano and maybe
also some other instrument. I wish there was a collection of notes to download so the slow loading
won't happen thanks to bad connection to all the sources. Yea there's many notes to load  Wink
I've updated the 2nd copy of the new version of [url=]One of these days[/url] a lot yesterday. 
But [url=]One of these days_8-Bit_WIP-7c[/url] got corrupted 2018-08-30 and I cannot update it anymore)

New sequence: [url=]One of these days_8-Bit[/url] There's some hidden notes partly but also a lot more 8-bit notes.
But only triangle and sine because if I add three 8-bit instruments there will be too much cracking and weird sounds
unfortunately. Aside from that phenomenon I actually like 8-bit better than the first copy with e-guitar only.

I will try to improve [url=]OOTD_E-guitar + more test[/url] later someday but
the electric guitar need more tricks and workarounds to sound better.
[url=]One of these days_8-Bit[/url]
New sequence since [url=]One of these days_8-Bit_WIP-7c[/url] (created 2018-08-23) got corrupted so I cannot update it anymore Crying
But I'll keep it as reference.
Had some fun, time for me to sleep  ZZzzZ  

I've changed title and speed.
Test 170 is currently a failure........ but nobody can succeed always...

I've bought many music discs in my life and there was only a few hits worth to remember  Upside_down
I miss Whitey Houston and many with her who left us too early.

That voice...
And it made me to wonder if there will be a way to add sounds to the music here.

I guess he have enough to think about already.