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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Test 173_V1_920731

Simple song with flute
Test 176_V1_925083_WIP - Jazz & beta instruments  Bigeyes

Test175_V1_925024_WIP - Grand piano, maybe more instruments later  Heh
Jazz isn't really my thing but fun to try Blush

Here's more flutes Test 177_V1_925965_WIP
Inspired by some old country song or kids song... I'll maybe do some changes later.

Test 178_V1_926246_WIP
I apologize if some of you are annoyed because I repost sequences in the chat and other places.
You just don't understand a mystic person Heh
I do that if there's an update or if there's too few plays, if I've managed to make a recording and 
more. Also some are not online at that time and some doesn't have time to follow and read my 
posts in this thread, thats why I repost at different times. And if there's 100 plays + in a short
time some sequences will be moved to Featured songs.

About the beta instruments I've been very excited and I'm looking forward to an early implementation. 
That's probably why I've been posting extra lately. I'm sorry I'm just a weird guy who loves OS.

Ha ha...  Cheese
Test 179_V1_928088_WIP

No beta instruments, so far  Upside_down
8-bit and harpsichord Test 181_V1_928575_WIP

180 isn't ready to announce yet. Things doesn't always go the way you want  Oops
Test 180_V1_928537_WIP

I've changed it totally, it's better than before anyway Wink
Test48_V1_545428_fin - The first sequence with the beta beat - Now at SoundCloud