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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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I hope it's not too much familijar :/ ....and there's some transition errors.
Created 2017-08-09

Created 2017-08-09

Created 2017-08-08

Test53_V1 is probably best of the 3, it sounds very familijar though  Blush

Extended + more noise  :shy:
I forgot about the speed again... story 9 v2 is better at 120 bpm
[url=]Story9_V2 - 120 BPM[/url] 
Updated 2017-08-04 
2017-08-11 - Changed speed to 120 BPM
SoundCloud - Story9_V2_120 BPM
No inspiration today... so I made another version of one of my first songs. I didn't play the old song first 
because I don't want to remember. When this sequence is complete it will be interesting to compare :rolleyes: 

I will not put this one on the list, not yet anyway.
[url=]Kids song 1a - some of the first[/url] 
Later when complete, was it better or worse? Hehehe! ...let's see Wink
[url=]Test54_V1[/url]  Huh
[url=]Test55_V1[/url]  :rolleyes:

Part of a song added 4 times with different notes.
[url=]Test56_V2[/url] / SoundCloud

Extended a lot, but the melody I've added seems to be old stuff. 
If you recognize it please provide info about the original. 
I can make another melody later someday but this is all for now.