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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Even if I will not participate in contests anymore I will make songs that could be there. And the xmas is arriving soon  Wink
I understand how to vote finally so I'm going to listen and vote anyway.
Pls Watch My Songs!!!!!111
Oh OK Pinkie Smile
Correction of previous post. I said  you don't understand music as I don't understand complicated stuff.
I mean that some just don't understand MY music, and it's OK. It would be strange if everyone did.
I prepared to listen and vote - then my PC died and I've been trying to fix it more than 1 hour.
So now I need to take a rest and watch a episode of a TV serie, Blacklist from 2013.
EtherBot gave me opportunity to practice the drums to a nice and calm song

I suppose that I still need time to make it good  Skeptical
I've also added some more piano and jazz guitar.
[url=]Bit Loud_958897_WIP[/url]

Another attempt with different drums  Heh
mysticswe i saw you everywhere Heh