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Another failure maybe... I'm still trying to make a cool xmas song  ZZzzZ
FAILURE...............   Crying 

......each time I'm trying to make a cool xmas song...........
Hur ska jag kunna göra en julsång, som aldrig har funnits föruuuuuuut..... ♪ ♫

Hur ska jag kunna göra det nå'n gång, det blir ju bara skräp till sluuuuuuut!!!  Bigeyes

How to express that feeling in english??? That rhymes???  Upside_down
I have a feeling of that the chords could be used different... you are welcome to try

I've realized that I have too many unfinished songs (WIP = work in progress) and I don't know what to do anymore  Bigeyes

I just want to make new all the time.... Cheese
Anyway this is the greatest place online for a composer like me  Smile
[url=]Test 207_V1_988622_WIP[/url]

Well hello I was trying to make xmas songs  ZZzzZ
A few pictures is missing in the animated avatar (just for December and maybe January)... I want to fix it but how... interesting actually. 

It was 100 x120 pixels and I could change it to100 x 100 but I want it to run perfectly.

An old style I suppose I compose, what to do with those Angel