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Right or wrong is different to some, anyway I've added this to the first post:

"I'm not professional, this is just a hobby and because I have sick pension I have more time than many of you. So I'm not here 
to brag. On the contrary I'm happy and excited for this marvelous opportunity, at least as long as I have a working connection".

Maybe I should have added "and a working computer" as well  Cheese

My new computer isn't finished, I hope I will have it on Saturday December 8.

Well... no xmas song this time either  Heh

Sounds like an old song but whitch one?  Oops

Failed with to make an xmas song - again  Nervous

What?? I'm about to give it all up... xmas songs is done already by the way  Heh

And this song is too familiar...

I want mono on the grand piano... I really want it... Just listen in stereo... I'm not comfortable with it. 

Maybe there's a way to change it later but I don't think it will be possible. The OS is still best ever Smile
I have updated Test 213 on my new computer, and there is still static electrical noise on the flute.
I have not tested many 8-bit instruments together yet, but I'm afraid everyone is experiencing the
static electrical sound more or less. I'll tell you more about it later.

Apart from such things, it's quiet silent computer, I hear that clearly but it's not very inconvenient.
I have not yet played any games or used any 3D app though...

If you think my post it weird, I'm using google translate for a lot of text. I still have to correct it 
afterwards so I'm not sure it is correct for you. Below is my own try without translating.......

Since it's a new computer I had to use the web browser Microsoft Edge and it's not good here, at
least not at this time but I cannot recommend it for anything. Then I tried Google Chrome but I
didn't like it. Opera is the best browser, it's the only browser I could use on my old computer 
before the support ended on it too... Now I've installed the latest version of Opera and I like
it even more now!

The only what I think is bad with Opera right now is that I cannot find a way to exclude the
clearing of important cookies. But I'm also using CCleaner where I can exlude cookies Wink
The Software Corner

(Microsoft Windows apps, good freewares found on the web)
My english isn't perfect and I don't want to copy paste, so it's my text only. 
I'll make corrections by the time. You are welcome to PM me if something
looks weird.

- Useful old app for screenshots, a favourite many years now.
Current stable version:, 06 Jul 2002
Platform: any 32-bit Windows - Seems to work fine in Windows 10, 64-bit. 
I've extracted the ZIP file in Program (x86)\MWSnap

IrfanView - Good graphic viewer. There's a 64-bit version too.

Classic Shell - Classic start menu for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10. 
It's however discounted since December 7, 2017. I installed it on my brothers Windows 7 for
some years ago and he still have Classic Shell installed on Windows 10. I thought it was good
but since the developing of Classic Shell has stopped I'm going to look for alternatives. 
and here: 
I'm using Open-Shell now and it seems OK.

Metapad - Great but old text editor. I was using it to edit HTML many years ago and it's a great 
tool for replacing words and code quickly among other things. I've always been using it, even now 
in Windows 10. You will still need Notepad for special text files and Wordpad, or alternatives, for 
more advanced documents.

Autoruns - Handle with caution Wink And if you love system apps, check Sysinternals Suite

(New to me) Hopefully a better alternative to Avidemux
that I've been using to cut videos or convert AVI to MP4 x264.
Edit: 2019-09-21. Unfortunately I forgot about it because Avidemux and VirtualDub
is still working pretty good on my new computer. But I won't forget about it.

Pazera Software
Audio & video converters, system utilities and other free software

Seems good to me  Smile

VirtualDub - I've been using this to edit uncompressed AVI (HuffYUV or Lagarith codecs) before
converting to MP4 with Avidemux. With AviSynth it's possible to use a reverse script and make cool 
animations (another app is needed to convert to GIF) or make looping videos. Find a small funny 
video clip and make a revensed version of it. Then open the first clip and append the reversed
clip and edit & save new clip. Both must have the same codec and be without sound. You can
add sound later if you want.
I've just tried [url=]all the 8-bit instruments together[/url] on my new computer, and there is no "static electric sound" anymore.
But there is some on the flute.

I've changed the link because I wasn't able to save the sequence before and when it finally worked to save I deleted 
all the notes in the current sequence and imported the local file but after saving it there was a new sequence...

Meant to be a sad song...