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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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I'm preparing for the Dec. 2018 Monthly Contest. I know I'm late but I've got a new computer to configure and a lot of other things to do. 
There's also problem with Discord who prevented me to log in, I'm trying to solve it. (solved 2018-12-12) 

I'll post this when it is complete, if ever

See my post there
I'm sorry I don't have time to make songs for the December contest. Problem with the new computer.
Yes it's quite good but I cannot record my best songs anymore among other things.
Update to the The computer corner 

WinRAR is compressing files a lot faster now, the converting of videos and loading MP3 in Audacity too.
Eveything isn't good though. There was registering issues with ASUS of the motherboard and a free game. 
I will not tell details about what happened every day the last week but I've been very frustrated. Hopefully 
everything will be sorted out before Christmas. BUT - One thing that might take a long time to fix is that I 
cannot record my best songs to SoundCloud anymore.
My entries to the 2018 December contest in the last minute yesterday

At least the xmas song isn't complete. There was no time and it's really hard to make someting good and related to the winter. 
All good xmas songs is made already I suppose. I will try to make something better -in time- for next xmas.
[url=]Test216_V1_1006687_WIP[/url]  Oops
I've been listening to old songs at youtube. Many years ago i liked music like this, it was when the synth and stuff like that
arrived to sweden I guess... good old memories...

Freestyle: Fantasi from the album Fantasi 1981

Again no xmas song, it turned to something else. 
I have a little problem with placement of notes and bad transition. I'll fix it later someday.

Merry Christmas! Smile
My comment to [url=]Test 218[/url]

Well I thought it was funny anyway Heh

The key guide should be C Major, if it was correct from start. But as soon as I add more intruments maybe in
another pitch or if I add drums the key guide will be gone. It's sometimes interesting to know the key guide actually.
That's why I always put the information in my personal text files. Yeah I like to keep track of things if possible because
I've got a XP brain only (old joke). Imagine a XP brain is using Windows 10 right now ^^