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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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My comment to Test 218

Well I thought it was funny anyway Heh

The key guide should be C Major, if it was correct from start. But as soon as I add more intruments maybe in
another pitch or if I add drums the key guide will be gone. It's sometimes interesting to know the key guide actually.
That's why I always put the information in my personal text files. Yeah I like to keep track of things if possible because
I've got a XP brain only (old joke). Imagine a XP brain is using Windows 10 right now ^^
Cannot record the sound I hear on the new computer. Why isn't it enabled from start, if ever possible to enable  Sad

I've installed an older version of Audacity but I cannot even record my own stuff on the computer. 

Trying to enable anything in the settings both for Realtek and Windows 10.

I've bought this expensive computer especially for AUDIO and to have the best possible recording quality of my songs. 
(also for best audio experience in games and more)

If I just knew what's wrong. It's maybe so easy that I will cry a bathtub full of tears when I find the solution.
[Image: 200_d.gif?cid=cafe52e95c2a32633333562f63196b59]

216 is updated and I've added a ending 

And it's a final version  Smile
Also 217 is final version
About the rest of 600 + sequences, I don't really know  Upside_down

I got something to do  Wink