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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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I've recorded some of my last songs and I will upload them to Soundcloud later. Getting sleepy  ZZzzZ

It's Test200, 213, 214, 215, 216, 222 and 223.
Done. Please check my Soundcloud - Give it some attention, I need more listeners there
[url=]Test224_V1_1017218_WIP_(Two 8-bit)[/url]
Just for fun. It's probably retro stuff. Well I'm pretty sure about it Cheese


[url=]Test225_V1_1018330_WIP [/url]

Was it calm enough?

Have you heard it before? I've forgot where I've heard a similar song.
You can add comments directly on the sequences if you don't want to post here.
I've discovered that some of my old songs is destroyed because the intruments was updated or replaced.
I should fix it asap but 600 + sequences is a lot to listen to ZZzzZ

The first one to fix

EDIT: There should be a better version already though...

Cannot find a better version so I'll update the current sequence.
I've started with to make the e-guitar notes longer. Don't know if I should replace it.

I'm still trying to make calm songs... It's often calm from start and then I want to add more instruments and stuff - and it's not very calm anymore Angel
There's a reason to hide bad sounds like static clicks. Earlier on my old computer there was a lot of bad sounds on 8-bit, on my new computer it
appears only now and then. The flute however are -currently- exactly like before. I'm sure they are doing their best, we have to find workarounds until it's fixed.

I've made a bug report....
Soon it's 700 songs. I hope you like at least some of them Oops