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Song28_V1 - The Phantom

A very old song I've made as teenager :shy:

A sleepless night & early morning song, there will be longer V2 later someday Wink
My wife is close to death, she's skin and bones due to lack of nutrious food
and medic, so the cancer will probably take her sooner than I thought. 

The only I can do is to make a sad song of One Of These Days

But that isn't easy... I need time, but the time seems to be runned out already...

She haven't heard any of my songs because of bad connection anyway.

One of these days - Remake attempt 1

This is only the beginning of the song, I will find a way, someday....
Test58_V1 - 8-Bit Mix

The first on my mind this morning, some typical old style  Wink
Test58_V2 - 8-Bit Mix

The key guide wasn't saved maybe because this version changes from D top F.
Test58_V3 - 8-Bit Mix

Corrected mistakes, added simple percussion and some more notes.

Hope it's better now  :rolleyes:

Maybe some notes are not placed perfectly but there will be a V2 someday :shy:
Test61_V1 (sleepy, canceled)

I wanted to make a sad but beautiful song, and failed again.
It was late so I had to cancel it. Let's see I can repair it someday.