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I'm updating [url=]Test84_V2_676968_WIP[/url]

After the electric guitar was replaced long ago the song sounded weird a long time.
I don't know if I should choose another instrument, I've just made the notes longer right now.
Latest to The computer corner

I've finally got the game that came along with the new mother board but I had to download 87 GB, it took a whole day.
It's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, a violent game not for kids. I'm not impressed about the game style but the graphic is amazing.
Since I got poor after the buy a free game is welcome. I got a chance to test my new computer and it did it well Wink
[url=]Test228_V1_1023749_WIP[/url] - Not very calm. Contains 808 drums, 8-bit and more.
I've corrected flute notes on [url=]Cover09_1021160_WIP[/url]

Swedish melody. Heard it before? Smile

It's parody of an old Swedish song for kids: Svingelskogen - En Myra Bor I Stacken.

The best recording I've found, for now

The guy who is singing later in the song is Hasse Andersson. A cool Swedish artist.

This post was edited many times because I was wrong, sorry.

Some noise Angel
Made a song last night that I've made long ago and didn't realized it until now Upside_down

[url=]Song02_V4_1038650_WIP[/url] - The soft version... Right now anyway... Will be interesting to see what's going happen later on...

The old version: [url=]Song02_V3 + 8-Bit_WIP[/url]