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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Made a song last night that I've made long ago and didn't realized it until now Upside_down

Song02_V4_1038650_WIP - The soft version... Right now anyway... Will be interesting to see what's going happen later on...

The old version: Song02_V3 + 8-Bit_WIP
Test238_V1_1048493_WIP ( + two 8-bit )
I've updated 161. Many listened already before I annouced it and later many more. So it must be good and worth to improve Smile

I'm still not satisfied, I need to change something but I need a break now ZZzzZ

Test161_V1_878460_WIP Fire Bigeyes
I didn't know until now because it didn't work on my old computer ?

Maybe it belongs to the subject.... if everyone can view the emojis Wink

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