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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Welcome to join my Discord. Let's talk music and stuff Smile
Maybe I should not post this but who can wait  Wink

242 is a failure that I'm trying to fix and I won't give it up. I just need a break for now.

[url=]Test243_V1_1054490 _WIP[/url]
[url=]Test244_V1_1055309 _WIP[/url]
[url=]Test245_V1_1055382 _WIP[/url]

Cover, parody or what to say.  
I started 2017-02-27 and failed. And later the electric guitar was replaced that I didn't know and it sounded terrible for months.
Updated 2019-02-25, now 8-bit instead of violin. Time: I've made about 2:25 of 5:07

[url=]OnLy A dReAm - by Nathan M Divino[/url]

The song is from 1997, found many years ago at

I'm still trying to improve my version from time to time

Will the secuencer ever have steel-string acoustic guitar? Or a cool bass as the one in the original?
[url=]Test161_V1_878460_WIP-16[/url] is recorded to Soundcloud